January 24, 1991. Our wedding day.

This day is special to me for many reasons, but a memory that I will cherish forever is my wedding cake, which was made by my mom.

Growing up she was always baking and she taught me everything I know.

After she passed away I found all of her baking supplies; frosting tips, cake pans and such in a bo. When I opened up the box I was instantly taken back to my childhood and all of the memories I have from baking with her. 

Over the years I have enjoyed making birthday cakes for grandkids, wedding cakes for friends and other goodies for friends and family. 

The love of baking is something that I have passed on to my daughter and my grandkids. It is something that not only brings us together, but brings us pure JOY!

Mixed by The Nest is an extension of our store & what we love! I am excited to bring my love of baking, specifically yummy cupcakes, to The Nest!

XO Mama Heidi