My mom has a very special gift, ugly doesn't scare her...
We have been searching for the perfect prop for our storefront. Something that is big enough and fits our style without spending a fortune. When my mom told me she has been eyeing a table just a few doors down, I had no idea what we were getting into.
After talking with the owner, we scored ourselves a FREE table! Now, what to do with it?
My dad thought it was a joke, my husband wouldn't even look at the photo and honestly, I wasn't even 100% on board. After convincing my dad to help me drag it to our driveway we could really tell this thing was OLD, UGLY & needed A LOT of work.
We started with our handy dandy power washer. Several hours later, with the help of a wire brush, we were able to get almost all of the "gunk" off of the wood. Next, we took our belt sander across the top. 
Finally we added a coat of lacquer on the top, giving it a nice smooth shiny finish!
Just a little bit of faith and a whole lot of elbow grease....
I gotta say, I love our new table! What do you think?
Amber Bynum